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Construction Samos

Construction Samos | Samos Housing Construction Company | The best on design and construction of Villas and Vacation Residencies

Construction and Design of Villas on Samos Island Greece

Construction and Design of Villas on Samos Island Greece

Samos Housing Construction Company – Quality design and construction on Samos – Greece

  • Design and build your house | Villa | Vacation Residency on the beautiful island of Samos GR
  • Building permits, architectural building design and engineering construction of your house or island villa, on the islands of Samos and Ikaria, as well as land and building cost evaluation and market value evaluation reports for any purposes.
  • Remodelling and renovation on existing houses on Samos Island.

Architectural design and engineering construction on your newly bought land or you newly bought traditional house that needs repair, renovation.

Samos Housing Design and Construction Greece

Samos Housing Design and Construction Greece

Here you will find all the essential information concerning construction on the Greek Islands.

Contact us about anything you need to know around Real Estate and constructing houses in Greece.

If you are a current resident, our expert engineers and building advisors can help you in any circumstance.

We can provide you with detailed info on what to do and to expect should you decide to build your own house.

Samos Housing undertakes the whole process of constructing your new house.

As soon as you are excited about the design plans, we undertake the whole process and deliver you a brand new house which you will call home.

3 floor stone villa in Samos

3 floor stone villa in Samos – Design & Construction by Samos Housing ©

What you need to know about building construction on Samos Greece

Samos Housing Construction Company – Building a house in Samos

By Law any non-Greek citizen can build or buy a house in Greece.

For EU citizens things are even simpler.

To buy land in Samos and Greece in general you have to pay attention to a few important aspects.

General Guidelines

•Get a certificate with a survey plan from an Engineer that the land of your choice is build-able

•That in your newly bought land a future building can be connected with the electricity, and water mains.

It’s good practice to make sure that internet connection is also available in that area.

In addition, those basic needs are somehow guaranteed if the land of your choice is within a town planning zone.

Complications may occur if the land of your choice is outside the town planning zone.

For construction outside town planning, Samos by law, is divided into zones.

If and to what extend, you are able to build, is depending on which zone your land is.

For example in zone H you are able to build 200 m2 or 2152 ft2of housing

if the area of your land is 4000 m2/43055 ft2 or greater.

That is why you have to be extra careful for the things above as well as that the land you want to buy

does not contain segments which are considered forest areas by the forrest administration of Greece.

Our office can guarantee that the land should you choose to buy, is within those specifications.

In Samos there are many planning zones called ikismoi (oikismoi), which are mostly villages or areas right next to

Samos Town, Karlovasi and Pythagoreion.

On a piece of land in that planning zone you are able to build up to 400 m2 or 4305 ft2 of housing which is the most common scenario.

However, if the land is larger than 2000 m2 or 21527 ft2, in most cases,

then you will be able to divide the land and build even more housing facilities say, up to 800 m2 or 8611 ft2.

If the land of your choice is within the limits of Samos Town, Karlovasi or Pythagoreion the maximum allowed construction is considerably more.

Surveying plan for a building construction permit

Surveying plan for a building construction permit

If the land of your choice is very small say a 100 m2 or 1076 ft2, then the maximum allowed construction depends on construction coefficient (Sidelestis Domisis) and on the land coverage coefficient (Sidelestis Kalipsis), which varies depending on the case (usually 60-70% of the total plot area). Our office is able to tell you exactly what your options are in any given case.

Furthermore, In the Ancient Samos area (Pythagoreion and Ireon of Samos), you have to be careful because most plots have to get a certificate by the archaeological Office that there are no underlying ancient antiquities present. So if you decide to buy in those places, the land has to be officially approved as non-archaeological site.

Real Estate Prices have to be also straightforward.

Also, bare in mind that contract fees, tax fees and general expenses may increase total cost up to 11-12% of initial sale price and in most cases are covered by the buyer unless there is a different agreement between the two parties.

Last but not least you will always need an engineer. If you decide to buy land, house, or even renovate an old house you will always need a certified engineer by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). Engineer Prices are set by the Technical Chamber of Greece. We charge according to the price list set by the Technical Chamer of Greece. Our office undertakes the whole process of designing and building your new house, with top quality construction and straightforward process so at every stage you know exactly the procedures and most importantly what you are spending and why.

There many other aspects that require specific attention and expertise.

Our Office expertises on undertaking a construction project from start to finish

The key stages for construction Samos are:

-Pick a favourite spot to build your house

-Land Survey

-Preliminary Housing Proposal

-Final Draft

-Building Permit Process

-Construction Phase (Building inspections – One initial and one Final)

-Your New Home is Ready!

Typical completion process from start to finish 8-12 months

Prices for building construction, comprise of the following:

  • Planning, and building Permit Fees
  • Excavations
  • Labour fees and materials costs
  • Labour Insurance Costs (IKA)
  • Management Fees
  • VAT
Typical Baseline Value for New House or Villa Construction – on a flat terrain 1350€/m2 plus VAT


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