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Construction On Samos Overview

  • We Design and build your House – Villa – Vacation Residency on the beautiful island of Samos, Greece
  • Furthermore, We issue Building Permits
  • Moreover, we conduct architectural building design and engineering construction of your house or island villa. 
  • In addition, we conduct land and building cost evaluation and market value evaluation reports.
  • Remodeling and renovation on existing houses on Samos Island.

Details on Samos Construction

Here you will find all the essential information to build your house on Samos. 

Furthermore, If you are a current resident, our expert engineers and building advisors can help you in any circumstance.

Moreover, we provide you with detailed information on what to do, and what to expect, should you decide to build your own house.

Complete Solution - One Stop Place for Construction on Samos

We are a complete solution for your construction. 

We start the building from scratch and deliver you the keys to your new home.

To start with, Samos Housing undertakes the whole process of constructing your new house.

Firstly, we do the architectural planning for you.

Subsequently, as soon as you are excited about the design plans, we undertake the whole process and deliver you a brand new house.

Construction on Samos

What You Need To Know About Building Construction On Samos Greece

What are the Construction Phases?

Construction on Samos Key Stages

The key stages for construction Samos are:

  • -Pick a favourite spot to build your house
  • -Land Survey
  • -Preliminary Housing Proposal
  • -Final Drafting
  • -Building Permit Process and Architectural Committee Approval
  • -Construction Phase (2 Building inspections – One initial and one Final)
  • -Your New Home is Ready!

Typical completion process from start to finish 8-12 months

samos construction

Pricing Calculation

Prices for building construction, comprise of the following:

  • Planning, surveying and building Permit Fees
  • Excavations
  • Labour fees and materials costs
  • Labour Social Security (IKA)
  • Management Fees
  • VAT


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Usually we Give a time frame of 12 months plus 2 month justified delay due to weather conditions.

The Weather can be extreme during the winter months.

Moreover, for larger projects, on Rural plots and above 120m2 the time frame is 18 months minimum depending on the terrain, villa size and surrounding space.

The only correct way is to get an Engineering Team like Samos Housing and start the process of Drafting and planning the permit and architectural committee approval.

Approval By the Architectural Committee is mandatory for all new or old building to be renovated where their external view are altered. 

In General, you have to keep in line withe the Island style of Samos, tile roof, symmetrical openings, plaster or stone coating on the walls.

We work together with our customers and we provide quality options for tiles, toilets, Kitchens, and Doors and Windows.

Furthermore, It is a good practice to agree first on the quality of the materials and then quote the construction phase.

Then, we either quote the whole construction process without quoting specific aspects like tiles, bathroom toilets, sinks etc.

Alternatively, we quote with Kitchen and Bathroom materials and fix them in the price as long as we have an agreement on the style and quality that we will use.

First of all, Enjoy your new Home!

Secondly, you will always be in need of an accountant in Greece.

Furthermore, you will also need, almost certainly of a care – taker for your house.

Certainly if there is a pool on the property.

In addition, every year you will have to pay an average property tax about 200-600€, depending on size and location of the property.

That is, depending on the size and location of your property, Furthermore, you will need to pay about 300€ per month for a caretaker depending on the job description.

This sum can be more when there is a handling of a pool.

Moreover, utilities bills (electricity, water, etc) are usually another 100-400€ per month again, depending on the property size and consumption.

Firstly, the Building Permit has a certain fee that is dependant on the size of the planned building. On the permit the Social Security fees are always calculated.

Moreover, The Permit fees also contain statutory “management” fees which are mandatory and are in reality Technical assurance fees.

That means, that these are fees that the engineer who planed you house and mechanical systems can assure that the quality of the Structural and Mechanical planning is adequate for your House or Villa.

Similarly, Social security fees are also mandatory by the Greek State are always paid by the owner for the benefit of the workers involved  on the construction project.

To Clarify, It is always a good practice to install a spare water tank on your building.

During summer months water outings are frequent and may up to several days.

Therefore, a 2000-5000L water tank is encouraged together with a pressure pump.

That is a supplementary cost and is never calculated on the quote.

From our 18 Year Experience on the Construction, the average price that is appropriate for a good quality Construction is between 1250 – 1350€ / m2 of building plus VAT on a flat terrain

Late 2021 update: 

(Due to a massive surge on materials cost, the construction / m2 cost has risen considerably. Please contact us for details.)

Moreover, On ideal Conditions (simple configuration), it can be less, but we need to take a thorough look on the final architectural and Structural plans before quoting.

Below this average price, quality and materials are seriously compromised and you end up with a poor construction which is in constant need of maintenance, or even restoration.

Prices will be higher if there are for stone works, swimming pools and many bathrooms are included

For Reselling in general it is easy to resell if the quality is good

If a poor quality is implemented things become harder for anyone involved, Owners, Engineers, Realtors, and Potential Buyers are considerably less. Especially if you want to make a profit. That is why we give an average baseline price mentioned above.


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