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Samos Construction

Samos Poseidonio Construction | Ground Floor Villa With Swimming Pool

Commenced summer 2023 - will complete 2024

Samos Construction

Samos Agios Konstantinos Construction | 2 Floor Stone Villa By The Waterfront

Completed 2021

Build House on Samos

New Project | 2 Floor Villa With Swimming Pool

Commencing 2024

Construction Samos - image  on

New Project | 2 Floor Villa With Swimming Pool

Completed 2022

Construction Samos Housing

Samos Kalami Construction | 2 Floor Villa With Swimming Pool

Completed 2021

Samos Construction

Samos Kalami Construction | 2 Floor Villa With Swimming Pool

Completed 2021


Designing and Building Your Dream Home on Samos, Greece

At Samos Housing Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being your dedicated partner in turning your vision of a dream house or villa into a stunning reality on the beautiful island of Samos.

Building Your Vision

Our comprehensive construction services include:

Design and Build

We take your aspirations and ideas and transform them into architectural plans that capture every detail of your dream house. 

Furthermore, Our expert team then brings these plans to life, crafting a house or villa that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Building Permits

Navigating the bureaucratic complexities of building permits can be daunting. 

Moreover, Our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring that all necessary permits are obtained efficiently and accurately.

Architectural Design

Our talented architects and engineers specialise in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. 

In addition, from the layout and structure to the finest details, we craft architectural designs that not only meet your requirements but also exceed your expectations.

Construction Expertise

With many years of experience in the construction industry, our skilled professionals manage every aspect of the construction process. 

Moreover, from groundbreaking to the final touches, we ensure that your house or villa is built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Cost Evaluation and Market Value Reports

We provide transparent and detailed cost evaluations for both land and building expenses. 

Additionally, our market value assessment reports offer valuable insights into the potential value of your property, guiding your investment decisions.

Remodelling and Renovation

If you already own a property on Samos Island and wish to breathe new life into it, our remodeling and renovation services are at your disposal. 

Furthermore, we have a proven track record of transforming existing houses into modern and stylish homes that cater to your evolving needs

Construction Phases and Timelines

The construction journey involves several key stages:

Location Selection:

Choose the perfect spot for your dream house or villa.

Land Survey with Contour Heights:

Conduct a thorough land survey to gather essential data for the project.

Preliminary Housing Proposal:

Develop an initial housing proposal, outlining the design and layout.

Final Drafting:

Refine the proposal into detailed architectural plans.

Building Permit Process and Architectural Committee Approval:

Navigate the permit process, seeking approval from relevant authorities.

Construction Phase:

Construction Phase: Oversee the construction process, including building inspections, to ensure quality and compliance.


Your New Home is Ready!: Experience the joy of moving into your newly constructed dream home.The typical completion time for the entire construction process ranges from 15 to 20 months, depending on the complexity of the project.

Samos Construction - Build a House on Samos

Details on Samos Construction

When it comes to Construction on Samos Island, we are your ultimate partner, dedicated to bringing your vision to life with precision and care.

Your Overseas Construction Journey

For our overseas clients, we understand the unique challenges and uncertainties you may face when building a house from afar. 

Moreover, our expert engineers and building advisors provide personalised assistance, ensuring that your construction journey is smooth and highly successful.

Invaluable Information and Guidance

Thinking of building your own house on Samos? We provide you with comprehensive and insightful information on the entire process. 

Moreover, From choosing the right location to understanding the intricacies of construction regulations, our guidance empowers you to make informed decisions.

A Complete Solution

At Samos Housing, we offer a complete solution (turn key) for your construction project:

Architectural Planning

We translate your ideas into detailed architectural plans, ensuring that your future house or villa embodies your vision and functional requirements. 

Building from Scratch

From breaking ground to finishing touches, we manage the entire construction process, turning an empty plot into a beautifully crafted and fully functional home.

Your Brand New Home

Once the architectural plans are finalised, our dedicated team brings your dream to life. 

Moreover, we oversee the construction process, ensuring that your brand new home is built with precision and care.

General Guidelines

Understanding Building Zones

Samos Island features designated planning zones, known as “oikismoi,” which encompass villages and areas like Samos Town, Karlovasi, and Pythagoreio

Furthermore, these zones define the maximum allowable construction areas, offering valuable insights into the potential scope of your project.

Building Allowance and Engineer’s Expertise

The construction possibilities on your chosen plot depend on factors such as building allowance and footprint coefficients. 

Moreover, our certified engineers, registered with the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), provide the expertise needed to navigate these regulations and ensure compliance.

Real Estate and Purchase Fees

When considering your construction project, it’s essential to factor in real estate prices, contract fees, taxes, and general expenses. 

Moreover, these additional costs can contribute significantly to the overall project budget.

Non-Greek Citizens and Property Ownership

Whether you’re an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, Samos offers many opportunities for property ownership and construction. 

Furthermore, EU citizens can leverage their EU passport and a Greek tax number to facilitate the process. 

To Sum up, Buying Property on Samos is a Very easy process for EU Citizens.

However, for Non-EU citizens, including those from Switzerland, the UK, and Norway, have specific procedures to follow and may even qualify for a Golden Visa.

Rural Areas and Building Zones

Forest Department Characterisation

For construction in rural areas, it’s crucial to obtain a forest department characterisation which as of 2021 is a simple task since there are official forest maps for rural areas. 

Moreover, Rural Plots have usually more cost per m2 construction since surrounding space is a must on most cases. 

Furthermore, rural plots especially on sloping areas usually require retaining walls and more costs for utilities like water and electricity.

Crucially, This characterisation determines whether the land is suitable for construction.

Zone Regulations

Rural areas are also divided into zones on Samos Island, each with its regulations dictating the extent of permissible construction. 

Furthermore, Understanding the specific zone of your chosen land is essential to ensure compliance with construction guidelines.

Complete Solution - One Stop Place for Construction on Samos

We are a complete solution for your construction project. 

We start the building from scratch and deliver you the keys to your new home.

To start with, Samos Housing Construction undertakes the whole process of constructing your new house.

Firstly, we do the architectural planning for you.

Moreover, as soon as you are excited about the design plans, we undertake the whole process and deliver you a brand new house.

Pricing Calculation

  • Planning, surveying and building Permit Fees

  • Excavations

  • Labour fees and materials costs

  • Labour Social Security (EFKA)

  • Management Fees

  • VAT


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

To Build a House on Samos.

Usually we Give a time frame of 15 months plus 2-3 month justified delay due to weather conditions.

Furthermore, The Weather can be extremely wet during the winter months.

Moreover, for larger projects, on Rural plots and above 120m2 the time frame is 18 months. 

That is the minimum depending on the terrain, villa size and surrounding space.

The only correct way is to get an Engineering Team like Samos Housing and start the process of Drafting and planning the permit and architectural committee approval.

Approval By the Architectural Committee is mandatory for all new or old building to be renovated where their external side views are altered. 

In General, you have to keep in line with the Island style of Samos. For Example: Tile roofs are encouraged, symmetrical openings, plaster or stone coating on the walls. Wooden Cabins or extravagant designs are not well received.

We work together with our customers and we provide quality options for tiles, toilets, Kitchens, and Doors and Windows.

Furthermore, It is a good practice to agree first on the quality of the materials and then quote the construction phase.

Moreover, we either quote the whole construction process without quoting specific aspects like tiles, bathroom toilets, sinks etc.

Alternatively, we quote with Kitchen and Bathroom materials and fix them in the price as long as we have an agreement on the style and quality that we will use.

First of all, Enjoy your new Home!

Secondly, you will always be in need of an accountant in Greece.

Furthermore, you will also need, almost certainly of a care – taker for your house.

Certainly if there is a pool on the property.

In addition, every year you will have to pay an average property tax about 200-800€, depending on size and location of the property.

That is, depending on the size and location of your property, Furthermore, you will need to pay about 300€ per month for a caretaker depending on the job description.

Furthermore, This sum can be more when there is a handling of a pool.

Moreover, utilities bills (electricity, water, etc) are usually another 100-400€ per month again, depending on the property size and consumption.

Firstly, the Building Permit has a certain fee that is dependant on the size of the planned building. On the permit the Social Security fees are always calculated.

Moreover, The Permit fees also contain statutory “management” fees which are mandatory and are in reality Simple Technical assurance fees and are not management fees.

That means, that these are fees that the engineer who planned your house and mechanical systems can assure that the quality of the Structural and Mechanical planning is adequate for your House or Villa.

Similarly, Social security fees are also mandatory by the Greek State are always paid by the owner for the benefit of the workers involved  on the construction project. The amount is dependant on the size of the property, and the extent of the project.

To Clarify, It is always a good practice to install a spare water tank on your building.

Furthermore, During summer months water outings are frequent and may up to several days.

Therefore, a 2000-5000L water tank is encouraged together with a pressure pump.

To Sum up, That is a supplementary cost and is never calculated on the quote.

First and Foremost, (Due to a massive surge on materials cost, the construction / m2 cost has risen considerably.

Furthermore, after the Pandemic we can determine costs upon detailed architectural and survey plans only.). 

Moreover, Depending on your project type, location, luxury level, surrounding space, we can quote you on complete architectural and survey plans only.

Similarly, on ideal Conditions (simple configuration), costs can be less, but we need to take a thorough look on the final architectural and Structural plans before quoting.

Watch The Pitfalls

Please note, Below a given by us average price, quality and materials are seriously compromised and you end up with a poor construction which is in constant need of maintenance, or even restoration. 

Furthermore, caution is required when independant craftsmen or companies promise far better pricing than expected is usually a pitfall for extra hidden charges and/or the quality is seriously compromised.

Moreover, Prices will be higher if there are for stone works, swimming pools and many luxury items are included. Not to mention the time spend on poor project outcome and all the added effort, time and money for continuous maintenance or rebuilding.

Moreover, For Reselling in general it is easy to resell if the construction quality is good and long lasting

If a poor quality is implemented things become harder for anyone involved, Owners, Engineers, Realtors, and Potential Buyers are considerably less. Especially if the goal is to maintain the price of the property to acceptable standards. 

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