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Our consultation services consist of two parts: 

– Property Investment Consultation.

– Engineering Project Consultation

Samos Housing has as its main aim to consult and advise its clients to make the optimal investment in a property in Greece.

Either is residential investment or residential investment, we are here to consult you to make the right choice with the maximum possible turnover or return on investment.

Combined with our Property Appraisal Service, we are able to give you the necessary advice on your investment.

Engineering Project Consultation

Engineering Consultation and Management

With the Greek Construction Legislation being VastContinually Altering, and Vague at times,

it is essential that you Consult an Engineering Professional to Advise you

on the Procedures, Risks, and Pitfalls that may arise from a Property that you already own or wish to purchase.

To put it simply, you need someone you can trust to deliver the optimal result for your project.

Either the Condition of a House you Wish to Buy, The Permitting Options for Construction

or Renovation, or an Engineering Professional is Step Number 1 for your task.

Our Staff and our Engineering Expertise can help you throughout and manage all the stages of your project.

We will Consult you with the optimal solution to any Construction or Permitting Matter that you may come across.

Property Investment Consultants Greece

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