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Survey Topography Plans in Greece: A Comprehensive Overview

If you are planning to conduct any kind of construction or development project in Greece, one of the most important things that you need to consider is the survey topography plan. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of survey topography plans in Greece, including what they are, why they are important, and how to obtain them.


What are Survey Topography Plans?

Survey topography plans are detailed maps that show the topography, terrain, and contours of a particular piece of land. These plans are typically used to identify potential obstacles, such as steep slopes, cliffs, or areas prone to flooding, that could impact any development project on the land. They are also used to identify the exact boundaries and dimensions of the land, which can be important for legal and regulatory purposes.

Why are Survey Topography Plans Important?

There are several reasons why survey topography plans are important for any construction or development project on Samos, Greece. 

Firstly, they can help to identify potential obstacles that may impact the construction project, allowing developers to take appropriate measures to mitigate these risks. Secondly, they can help to ensure that any development project is in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, such as zoning regulations or environmental laws. Finally, they can help to ensure that the project is financially viable, by providing accurate information on the dimensions and topography of the land.

How to Obtain Survey Topography Plans in Samos Greece

In order to obtain survey topography plans in Samos Greece, you have to look no further that Samos Housing  we have a team of professional surveyor and engineers. These professionals will conduct a detailed survey of the land, using specialized equipment to measure the topography, contours, and other important features of the land. They will then use this information to create a detailed survey topography plan, which can be used to guide any development or construction project on the land.

It is important to note that the process of obtaining survey topography plans on Samos can be complex and time-consuming, particularly if you are not familiar with the local regulations and requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that you work with an experienced professional like Samos Housing who can guide you through the process and ensure that you obtain accurate and reliable survey topography plans.

Survey Topography Plans

The need for a topography plan on all Real Estate Paperwork in Greece


Please Note: A modern survey plan with GPS coordinates is essential and mandatory for any sale of any property in Greece.

Together with the electronic building ID since April 2022 it is mandatory to have those documents in order to sell a property anywhere in Greece

We produce detailed heights contour plans of your existing property and explain in detail what your options are in terms of management of the property, expansion and renovation with appropriate building construction permits.

Survey Topography Plans are essential to every property. This is where everything begins in terms of buying a plot of land or find out the construction options a property has.

Furthermore, the new surveying plan with EGSA 87 (Greek GPS Coordinate System) in the lack of land registry cadastre still in many areas of Samos, secures your property by pinpointing the location, terrain condition, showing the neighboring properties, any distinctive land features.

 It also reveals any positive or negative characteristics i.e. neighboring properties, forest areas, water streams, and other possible features that affect the building capability of your land.

Moreover, The surveying topography plan is the first step of finding out what kind of construction project you can meterialize on your property

Furthermore, Survey plan is the first piece of planning you ask to examine when you are interested to buy a property.

We produce detailed Surveying topography plans of properties on the island using the latest technology.

Theodolites and electronic GPS mapping systems according to the Greek GPS System EGSA 87

Plans of plots and buildings with GPS coordinates specific for all the necessary land claims and sales according to the specifications of the ministry of Environment

Prices start from 220€ plus VAT for small, easy access plots

Survey Plans

Survey Topography with gps COORDINATES

Building Inspection

We conduct engineering building inspections for Residential and commercial properties

Already found a Property to buy and want an Engineering report and Inspection?

We perform an on site visit to the property you wish to buy and examine all essential aspects, structural adequacy, humidity issues, mold, roofing issues, building and plot legitimacy, expansion, maintenance and reconstruction advise.

Prices start from 350€ plus VAT

Εκτιμήσεις Ακινήτων Ελλαδα | Samos Housing Μεσιτικά Σάμος
Electronic Building ID
What is an Electronic building id?

From April 2022 it is mandatory any new buildings or buildings for sale to have an Electronic Building ID.

 Electronic Building ID is a thorough report yjat contains examination and Legality inspection of your property. It contains all the history record of the property, the planning, the permits, the Deeds and is accompanied by a thorough on site inspection and a cross reference of the plans with the actual condition. 

Since 2022 It is a pre-requisite on selling a property in Greece, either land or building or both.

Prices start from 500€ plus VAT for buildings plus a 20€ government fee.


If you own a property on Samos (land, house or both) you need to register your property to the Greek CADASTRE Registry.

Applications start on the 14th of January 2019 until 29th of November 2019 – Extension of these deadlines are still in place (2023 update). 

December 1 2019 Update | From now on the Cadastre will still accept application for properties with a new survey plan and deed plus the land registry certificate for an Unknown period of time. It is still unclear if there is going to be a late submission penalty.”

We advise our Customers that haven’t yet registered their properties to the cadaster to do that As Soon As Possible

Our office can undertake all of the procedure for your property to be registered safely and correctly to the national Cadastre System (Ethniko Ktimatologio) in conjunction with a lawyer.


  • First you locate the exact boundaries of your property
  • Then if you have a surveying plan without gps coordinates, (older than 2012) you will need a new survey plan from our office.
  • Then we follow the procedure for you – ask us about the costs involved (depending on the amount of work involved)

What are the necessary documents required from you:

  • The latest deed of your property
  • The building permit of your property (if there is a building)
  • The existing (old) surveying plan

It is ESSENTIAL that you or a relative know the exact boundaries of your property.

What is the Greek Cadastre?

The Greek Cadastre is a comprehensive and official land registry system in Greece that records the legal, technical, and administrative information about all the real estate properties within the country’s borders. The cadastre was first established in the early 19th century, but a modern digital version was developed in the late 1990s to replace the outdated paper-based system. The Greek Cadastre aims to provide accurate and transparent information on land ownership, boundaries, rights, and restrictions, which helps to facilitate property transactions, urban planning, taxation, and other legal and administrative processes. The cadastre is managed by the Hellenic Cadastre, which is a public organization under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy. 

On Samos Island, All Properties are required to be Registered on the Cadastre Land Registry System

On the Island, it is expected that the Registry System will be completed in the next few years until 2028, with Samos Town and Surrounding Areas already Completed since 2016. Purchasing Properties on the Completed Cadastre Areas provides security on the boundaries of the property especially on rural areas.

Samos Cadastre Land Registry System
Samos Cadastre Land Registry System | Completed Areas Yellow Boundary

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