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PROPERTY VISIT GUIDELINES - Please read this first and then fill the Inquiry Form at the Bottom


Interested on buying a property from Samos Housing? here is an explanation of our Property Visit Guidelines

To arrange a visit to view one of our properties, please allow at least 15 days prior contact with us to set up a visit. Please let us know which properties you need to visit beforehand.

Please notify us at least 15 days prior which property you wish to visit using our Booking Form Below. Therefore, we can prepare.

Our Time is limited so is everyone’s, so last minute or less than 15 days scheduled meetings hold a Visit Fee

Don’t Worry This fee is Deducted from your Real Estate fees once you buy the Property.

Most of our properties are either occupied and we need prior arrangements with the owners or tenants for a visit, or our schedule is fully booked especially on summer months. 

Therefore, Most of the times we need previous arrangements to visit a property for the reasons explained above.

Property Visit Guidelines - Timeframe


7-14 Days Notice Property Visits are subjected to a visit fee of 100€ that is deducted from the Real Estate fee once the property or properties are purchased by the visitor.

Please note that:

Last Minute up to 7 Days Notice urgent last minute visits and summer or weekend visits without prior 15 days arrangement are subjected to availability of a time slot, and carry a visit fee of 200€ that is again deducted from the Real Estate Fee once you buy the property.

You are required to have registered your full details on the booking form including your passport or ID number

You have to have your passport with you during the property visit.

We here to assist you in the best possible way, It is understandable that Samos is a big Island so many properties are too far apart. 

Therefore, and we have a 2 hour appointments policy, so upon arrangement we can assist you on a Maximum 3 properties visit per appointment on the same appointment (20 km max range between properties apply).

We value our customers and the privacy of home owners and / or their tenants, so we are looking for the best possible outcome for all involved.

Property Visit Guidelines

Property Visit Samos Housing

Please use the following form to contact us for specific properties you wish to visit

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