Energy Efficiency Certificates

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Energy Efficiency Certificates

Energy Efficiency Certificates are mandatory when buying or renting a building.

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Contact us for more information on how to improve energy at home and secure an interest-free loan to improve energy efficiency. Saving energy means economic and environmental gain.

The buildings in Greece are responsible for approximately 36% of total energy consumption. During the period 2000-2005 their energy consumption increased by about 24%. Unfortunately, Greece is ranked among the most energy-intensive buildings in Europe.

One of the main reasons why the Greek buildings are highly energy intensive is the age and the failure to incorporate modern technology to them and the lack of relevant legislation in the last 30 years.

Most of these buildings were built before 1980 and are facing issues such as:

      •  Partial or complete lack of insulation,

      •  obsolete frames (frames / odd glass)

      •  lack of sun protection in southern and western facades, of

      •  insufficient use of the high solar potential of the country,

      •  inadequate maintenance of heating / air conditioning resulting in poor performance.

    Energy Efficiency Building Upgrade

    The Greek Ministry of Environment and Climate change (YPEKA), is launching repeatedly a finance program called “Exikonomisi kat’ oikon” together with the European Union in an attempt to improve the energy efficiency of dated buildings and domestic houses.

    This is a co-funded program aimed at homeowners who have built before 1980 (ie before application of the Rules of housing insulation and thus are thermally unprotected) and low energy class.

    Furthermore, the program Provides incentives for beneficiaries to make the most important interventions to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

    The program concerns every residential building that meets the following criteria:

        •  Used as a primary or secondary residence.

        •  Located in areas classified equal or less than 1.750 € / m2

        •  Is Built by 31.12.1979 or later, where no proper building thermal insulation study has been applied.

        •  It is classified under the Energy Performance Certificate (E.P.C.) In a category lower than or equal to D.

      The program includes three categories of incentives, in which the entry is based on the income of the building owner.


      SH518 Amazing Property Kokkari

      • 1938€ / m² 690,000€
      • Baths: 9
      • 250,11
      • 356
      • Building For Investment, Hotel

      SH517 Sea View Plots

      • 75,000€
      • 85,000€
      • 6357
      • Land

      SH516 Two Floor House Pythagorio

      • 249,000€
      • Beds: 3
      • Baths: 2
      • 84.64
      • 92.36
      • House, Townhouse

      SH515 Cosy Retreat Plot

      • 75,000€
      • 6,985.91
      • Land

      SH514 Village Plot For Sale

      • 30,000€
      • 600
      • Land

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