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Kokkari Samos housing real estate properties

Kokkari Samos top of the list as best European Hidden Gem!!

Kokkari in Samos is an amazing place, it is beginning to be greatly appreciated worldwide as a great resort. It is a wonderful coastal village on Samos island with amazing feel and properties So, this year is at the top spot of the European best destinations catalogue! European Best Destinations Samos is an island ruled by…

Samos for European Capital of Culture 2021

Samos for European Capital of Culture 2021 In 2021 the title of European Capital of Culture will be awarded to a Greek City. Samos the birthplace of Pythagoras, Aristarchus and Epicurus, is an island of history and natural beauty, a place where science, philosophy and the arts flourished and helped shape our common European Identity…

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Samos Island Photography

I Started a Facebook page with all my material from my photos of Samos Island. You can go to the page following this link It contains some of my photos about the lovely island of Samos in Greece, Here is a sample of some images The Island is quite amazing, unspoiled, not small, there are…